Be a Brand Visionary

Building your business to the point that it is a household name takes time, talent and hard work. With the right talent, especially in your branding efforts, you can shorten the time and reduce some hard work because getting the brand right, making sure you are targeting the right customers with the right products and services, goes a long way toward helping your sales team do their job. When the branding and products are in sync, your sales team has fewer objections to overcome because they'll be talking to the people you know need the product and the clients will already understand what the product is about.

Why Brand?

Why should a start up business bother to brand the company or products?

Because it's ultimately good for the long-term health of the business.

Start-Up Magic Looks a Lot Like Elbow Grease

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Hosting a Brand Building Event

Hosting an event pays off both financially and with branding opportunities. Advertising the event in and of itself provides a reason to put your company�s brand name in front of a wide local audience. Ideally, the event will generate revenue onsite, generate repeat business at a later date and generate positive ... read more

Do You Need a Business Plan to Get a Credit Line?

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How to Improve Customer Relationship Management

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